We are an issue-driven community arts organisation based in Newport in one of the top 10% of most deprived areas in Wales, using theatre, film and music to engage with marginalised and neglected communities. The nature of our work means that our participants can stem from whichever social issue we are working at any given time – mental health, domestic abuse, race or religion, hate crime, age or disability discrimination, and more. Generally, our participants tend to have a range of protected characteristics, and we have a particular focus on older people and young people with additional needs. Our aim is to support people in telling their stories, to raise the profile of marginalised groups and to help change attitudes through our work. Through the process, we teach new skills and offer experiences and opportunities to often deprived people to experience life in the creative industry. We are unique in that we work in theatre, film, music gigs/fests, and offer opportunities to learn the whole process of creative production, from writing to acting to staging and filming, and all behind the scenes roles. 



Company director, writer/director, researcher and project coordinator.


Company director, actor, theatre and workshop practitioner, facilitator on Loneliness & Isolation project.


Company  director,  music and production manager, CHF Promotions founder.