Reality Theatre is a community interest company which uses theatre and music as a way of raising awareness of a range of social issues such as care of the elderly, loneliness and isolation, hate crime, domestic abuse, mental illness.  We have a strong inter-generational approach, and try to engage with different groups within our community to bring together different audiences as well as different artists and practitioners for a common purpose.


Our aims include:


  • Targeting new audiences to engage with arts and culture in non-traditional formats

  • Offering a voice and platform to the vulnerable and culturally ignored

  • Developing research programmes based upon the benefits of using arts/culture in the community


We are developing our music links and helping to revive the music scene in our local community of Newport, South Wales, putting it back on the map as a key location for live music in Wales.   Alongside this, we are strengthening our link between live music and theatre by hosting festivals to showcase emerging bands alongside more established bands, as well as introducing new audiences to theatre as a popular form of entertainment.

We are committed to making all our sets and props from recycled or upcycled materials and costumes are bought and adapted from charity shops.

Any costumes or props that have not been upcycled are made with materials from local independent suppliers. Everything is hand-made or hand-crafted..


Company director, writer/director, researcher and project coordinator.


Company  director,  music and production manager, CHF Promotions founder.


Company director, actor, theatre and workshop practitioner, facilitator on Loneliness & Isolation project.